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From jerry <>
Subject Cassandra Tuning Issue
Date Sun, 06 Dec 2015 14:29:41 GMT
Dear All,

    Now I have a 4 nodes Cassandra cluster, and I want to know the highest performance of
my Cassandra cluster. I write a JAVA client to batch insert datas into ALL 4 nodes Cassandra,
when I start less than 30 subthreads in my client applications to insert datas into cassandra,
it will be ok for everything, but when I start more than 80 or 100 subthreads in my client
applications, there will be too much timeout Exceptions (Such as: Cassandra timeout during
write query at consistency ONE (1 replica were required but only 0 acknowledged the write)).
And no matter how many subthreads or even I start multiple clients with multiple subthreads
on different computers, I can get the highest performance for about 60000 - 80000 TPS. By
the way, each row I insert into cassandra is about 130 Bytes.
    My 4 nodes of Cassandra is : 
    	CPU: 4*15 
	Memory: 512G
	Disk: flash card (only one disk but better than SSD)
    My cassandra configurations are:

    When I insert datas into my cassandra cluster, each nodes has NOT reached bottleneck such
as CPU or Memory or Disk. Each of the three main hardwares is idle怂So I think maybe there
is something wrong about my configuration of cassandra cluster. Can somebody please help me
to My Cassandra Tuning? Thanks in advances!

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