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From Jonathan Ballet <>
Subject Rebuilding a new Cassandra node at 100Mb/s
Date Thu, 03 Dec 2015 15:51:43 GMT

I added a new node to my cluster but in a new datacenter. After updating 
the keyspace replication factor values (using the 
NetworkTopologyStrategy strategy), I'm now running a "nodetool rebuild" 
on the new node.

I noticed it's not really fast and my monitoring system shows that the 
traffic incoming on this node is exactly at 100Mb/s (12.6MB/s). I know 
it can be much more than that (I just tested sending a file through SSH 
between the two machines and it goes up to 1Gb/s), is there a limitation 
of some sort on Cassandra which limit the transfer rate to 100Mb/s?

I was thinking that "nodetool setstreamthroughput 0" (or even 999) would 
help, but it doesn't seem to change anything on the current rebuilding 

Any idea?



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