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From <>
Subject RE: Issues on upgrading from 2.2.3 to 3.0
Date Mon, 14 Dec 2015 19:56:40 GMT
Is there a JIRA for the discussion of dropping PropertyFileSnitch? That is all that we use,
and it is much easier to package and distribute than GossipingPropertyFileSnitch. I would
vote against dropping the more useful PropertyFileSnitch.

Sean Durity – Lead Cassandra Admin

From: Paulo Motta []
Sent: Thursday, December 03, 2015 7:04 AM
Subject: Re: Issues on upgrading from 2.2.3 to 3.0

You can migrate from the RackInferingSnitch to PropertiesFileSnitch by populating the
with the same rack/dc assignments of the previous snitch (what you can't change is the assignment,
but you can change snitches if you maintain the same assignments as before).
For example, if you were using using the RackInferingSnitch before, an equivalent configuration
on the PropertiesFileSnitch is:
IP=DC:RACK (3rd octet is DC, 2nd is RACK on RackInferingSnitch)

There is a chance the PropertiesFileSnitch is deprecated in the near future, so it's preferable
to use the GossipingPropertyFileSnitch which is also simpler to configure.

2015-12-02 23:30 GMT-08:00 Carlos A <<>>:
Bryan, thanks for replying. I had that figured out already few days ago. The issue was that
the snitch method was also changed on the configuration hence the problem.

Now, if you change from rackInferingSnitch to PropertiesFileSnitch it will not run as the
data has to be migrated. Is that correct? Or do you have the change the replication class
on the keyspace?

Putting back to rackInferingSnitch worked just fine.

On Wed, Dec 2, 2015 at 6:30 PM, Bryan Cheng <<>>
Has your configuration changed?

This is a new check- It seems likely
either your snitch changed, your properties changed, or something caused Cassandra to think
one of the two happened...

What's your node layout?

On Fri, Nov 27, 2015 at 6:45 PM, Carlos A <<>>
Hello all,

I had 2 of my systems upgraded to 3.0 from the same previous version.

The first cluster seem to be fine.

But the second, each node starts and then fails.

On the log I have the following on all of them:

INFO  [main] 2015-11-27 19:40:21,168 - Initializing system_schema.keyspaces
INFO  [main] 2015-11-27 19:40:21,177 - Initializing system_schema.tables
INFO  [main] 2015-11-27 19:40:21,185 - Initializing system_schema.columns
INFO  [main] 2015-11-27 19:40:21,192 - Initializing system_schema.triggers
INFO  [main] 2015-11-27 19:40:21,198 - Initializing system_schema.dropped_columns
INFO  [main] 2015-11-27 19:40:21,203 - Initializing system_schema.views
INFO  [main] 2015-11-27 19:40:21,208 - Initializing system_schema.types
INFO  [main] 2015-11-27 19:40:21,215 - Initializing system_schema.functions
INFO  [main] 2015-11-27 19:40:21,220 - Initializing system_schema.aggregates
INFO  [main] 2015-11-27 19:40:21,225 - Initializing system_schema.indexes
ERROR [main] 2015-11-27 19:40:21,831 - Cannot start node if snitch's
rack differs from previous rack. Please fix the snitch or decommission and rebootstrap this

It asks to "Please fix the snitch or decommission and rebootstrap this node"

If none of the nodes can go up, how can I decommission all of them?

Doesn't make sense.

Any suggestions?




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