Hi Anishek,

we are currently also thinking about how to do this in the midterm, though we don't have a test setup yet. My idea was do add one additional node to the source cluster but put it in a different DC as far as Cassandra is concerned. Using the network topology replication strategy you'd assign this DC an RF of 1 for each KS. Obviously you probably want to read and write in LOCAL_QUORUM them to not hamper performance and you need more disk space on that machine. But then, I think, you can just take a snapshot there and use sstableloader to load that into your destination cluster. Since I haven't tried this yet, I cannot tell you hoe feasible this is but it would be nice to get some input here if the idea is at least sound :-)


Am 18.11.2015 um 11:23 schrieb Anishek Agarwal:

We have 5 node prod cluster and 3 node test cluster. Is there a way i can take snapshot of a table in prod and load it test cluster. The cassandra versions are same. 

Even if there is a tool that can help with this it will be great.

If not, how do people handle scenarios where data in prod is required in staging/test clusters for testing to make sure things are correct ? Does the cluster size have to be same to allow copying of relevant snapshot data etc? 


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