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From daemeon reiydelle <>
Subject Re: Three questions about cassandra
Date Sat, 28 Nov 2015 00:00:30 GMT
There is a window after a node goes down that changes that node should have
gotten will be kept. If the node is down LONGER than that, it will server
stale data. If the consistency is greater than two, its data will be
ignored (if consistency one, its data could be the first returned, if
consistency two then the application needs to be able to handle such a
situation. Nodetool repair needs to be run in this case to get data
consistent. Cleanup does more than make things pretty, but it will do that.

The comment about disabling the thrift listener is related to preventing
the node serving old data if the timeout I mention above has expired
between the time the node comes on line and the time the repair is

One of the advantages of using e.g. Ansible is that it can be configured to
whack an errant node's thrift listener BEFORE it starts the node's Cass
instance. Agent based tools like Puppet and Chef can have this magic
performed. This automatically start Cass vs. NOT automatically starting the
service sometimes makes for interesting religious wars. And obviously if
the node didn't stop but just lost network connections, there are
advantages to agent based tools.


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