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From cass savy <>
Subject Nodetool rebuild on vnodes enabled
Date Tue, 17 Nov 2015 23:24:27 GMT
I am exploring vnodes on DSE spark enabled DC. I  added new nodes with 64
vnodes, stream thruput 100mb instead of default 200mb, sokcet_timeout set
to 1hr.

Nodetool rebuild on new node which has vnodes has been running for days and
not completing. Nodetool netstats says its streaming files from 4 nodes in
source DC. But there is now way to find out if streaming completed or not.

system logs in vnodes enabled server said stream completed for one of
sources nodes. Other 3 source nodes i do not see any entries in the logs.

Anybody experienced similar issue with nodetool rebuild with vnodes. I had
tried with 256, then 128 and then now 64. How do I know if rebuild
completed or not?

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