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From "Walsh, Stephen" <>
Subject Replication of data over 2 Datacentre's, when one node fails we get replica issues
Date Wed, 18 Nov 2015 16:22:30 GMT
Hey all,

We're testing Cassandra failover over 2 Datacentre's.

There are 3 nodes on each.
All CF's have a Replication of 2 on both Datacentre's (DC1:2, DC2:2)

When one Datacentre goes down then all queries go to the other.
This works fine for LOCAL_QUOURM queries. As 2 replicas of the data exist in this Datacentre.

However in the scenario where the 2 Datacentre's are up and one node goes down, all queries
to that Datacentre will fail for LOCAL_QUOURM
This is because the node that failed had the replica data, and there is only 1 remaining node
with the data. So LOCAL_QUOURM which requires 2 nodes with replica data will fail

Is there a way to not send these queries to the incomplete Datacentre.
What the best way the handle this?

Stephen Walsh
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