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From wateray <>
Subject Does the rebuild tools rebuild all each time it start Or rebuild the rest?
Date Fri, 20 Nov 2015 16:54:26 GMT
 we want deploy one more data-center for data safe.
As we rebuild one node's data from the old DC, after some hours rebuild failure due to network
I can restart rebuild surely,but I'm afraid restart rebuild,
is it rebuild all rang of tokens which belong to the node or just rebuild the rest rang of
tokens from last rebuild.(since last rebuild we get some data).

As I view the source, I see this code.

class RangeStreamer method getRangeFetchMap

private static Multimap<InetAddress, Range<Token>> getRangeFetchMap(Multimap<Range<Token>,
InetAddress> rangesWithSources, Collection<ISourceFilter> sourceFilters, String keyspace)
        Multimap<InetAddress, Range<Token>> rangeFetchMapMap = HashMultimap.create();
        for (Range<Token> range : rangesWithSources.keySet())
            boolean foundSource = false;

            for (InetAddress address : rangesWithSources.get(range))
                if (address.equals(FBUtilities.getBroadcastAddress()))
                    // If localhost is a source, we have found one, but we don't add it to
the map to avoid streaming locally
                    foundSource = true;

                for (ISourceFilter filter : sourceFilters)
                    if (!filter.shouldInclude(address))
                        continue outer;

                rangeFetchMapMap.put(address, range);
                foundSource = true;
                break; // ensure we only stream from one other node for each range

            if (!foundSource)
                throw new IllegalStateException("unable to find sufficient sources for streaming
range " + range + " in keyspace " + keyspace);

        return rangeFetchMapMap;

The bold,when found the address is localhost, It continue to find others and then put into
the rangeFetchMapMap。
I think the continue key word should be break, if it just want rebuild the data it doesn't
have. Is it right?

Best regards!

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