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From Enrico Sola <>
Subject Re: Cassandra 3.0.0 connection problem
Date Fri, 20 Nov 2015 13:01:31 GMT
I've seen now that the DataStax PHP driver (version 1.0.0, the only available on github) it's
only partially compatible with Cassandra 2.1, I used it until 2.2.3, in fact in this one I
can't use useful data type like FROZEN or TUPLE.
On the DataStax developer blog that talk about a new beta version but nothing has been released
yet, I don't know why PHP driver has not been updated with these latest Cassandra updates,
I hope for a quick new release for 3.0.0.
About downgrade unfortunately I forget about snapshot so I exported in another way and after
that completely uninstalled and installed again.
Thanks for informations!


> Il giorno 19 nov 2015, alle ore 19:10, Tyler Hobbs <> ha scritto:
> On Thu, Nov 19, 2015 at 1:13 AM, Enrico Sola < <>>
> Hi, I'm new to Cassandra and I've recently upgraded to 3.0.0 on Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS,
through apt-get upgrade not manual installation, after the update all was fine so I could
access to my keyspaces using cqlsh but I can't access to Cassandra using DataStax PHP Driver
because I get this error: "No hosts available for the control connection”.
> The connection parameters are the same of 2.2.3 version (and was working fine).
> I don't know if is this a bug or a problem of the PHP driver but my systems use Cassandra
and are now offline, so it's a known issue with a solution? 
> I don't think the PHP driver supports Cassandra 3.0 yet.  There were some changes to
the system schema tables that are probably preventing it from connecting successfully.
> I tried also to downgrade to 2.2.3 version but after that Cassandra didn't start due
to keyspace loading problem, I'm just looking for a quick solution so doesn't matter if I
have to downgrade to 2.2.3, so how can I do the downgrade without lose my datas?
> Downgrading major versions isn't supported, which is why we recommend that you take a
snapshot before upgrading.  Your only real option for downgrading without data loss is to
dump your data (using cqlsh's COPY TO or something similar) and then re-load it on 2.2 (using
cqlsh's COPY FROM or something similar).
> -- 
> Tyler Hobbs
> DataStax <>

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