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From "qihuang.zheng"<>
Subject decommission too slow
Date Tue, 27 Oct 2015 02:58:28 GMT
Recently we want to delete some c* nodes for data migration. C* verision:2.0.15
we use nodetooldecommission with nohup: nohup nodetool decommission -h xxx
After execute 3 days already, seems this process did’t finished yet!
This decommissioning Node data isnearly 400G.

1. I check jps -lm, and NodeCmd decommission process still there.
2. and nohup.out file is empty always.
3. I check opscenter, the node status is Leaving: 1 running task.
4. the running task is Compaction, I use nodetool stop compaction, but after sometime later
compaction happend again.
5. thenodetool netstats show it’s leaving:
Unbootstrap 928e6be0-7950-11e5-9cfb-910d8a1425c3
Read Repair Statistics:
Attempted: 4746100
Mismatch (Blocking): 950
Mismatch (Background): 100746
Pool Name          Active  Pending   Completed
Commands            n/a     0   1275402208
Responses            n/a     0   1034430957

I don’t know when decommission will finished. Or does something wrong inside? 
just 400G data takes 3 days(and still unfinished) seems abnormal. 

Tks, qihuang.zheng
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