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From Jack Krupansky <>
Subject Re: Secondary indices on boolean type columns
Date Thu, 08 Oct 2015 15:19:06 GMT
Secondary indexes are not a recommended best practice. Better choices:

1. The new 3.0 materialized views.
2. Manual query tables
3. DSE Search/Solr
4a. Stratio Lucene indexing
4b. TupleJump Stargate Lucene indexing

In any case, low cardinality is not recommended for indexes. The goal is
that a query on the index will return a modest to moderate number of rows
from a single node. Very high cardinality is also not recommended since
indexes are local, so fanout is required if the coordinator node cannot
supply the desired row limit.

-- Jack Krupansky

On Thu, Oct 8, 2015 at 5:37 AM, anuja jain <> wrote:

> I have two questions,
> 1. Does creating secondary index on low cardinality columns like of
> boolean type helps in read performance any ways? Because there will be only
> two values( true and false ) for that column in index table.
> 2. Should secondary indexes be created on clustering columns even if these
> columns are not frequently used in where clause of a query?

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