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From Xin Ren <>
Subject Cassandra class usage from Eclipse console
Date Wed, 07 Oct 2015 00:18:46 GMT
Cassandra version: 3.0

native protocol version: 4

Hi, I'm trying to start Cassandra server and client *within Eclipse*, and
just wondering the usage of this class org.apache.cassandra.transport.Client in
Cassandra source code.

I git cloned the source code and opened the project in Eclipse Luna, and
started the class org.apache.cassandra.service.CassandraDaemon in Eclipse.

If I use command line terminal to start cqlsh by ./bin/cqlsh, then
everything would work fine.

But, if I start the Client class (org.apache.cassandra.transport.Client) *in
Eclipse* with arguments 9042 4, my in.readLine() from Eclipse
console is failed. (host and port information is right here, I've checked
the server info)

I've tried in Eclipse command line:

   - startup - working
   - desc tables - not working, "line 1:0 no viable alternative at input
   'desc' ([desc]...)"

In source code there are if-else statements to look for *STARTUP, QUERY,
PREPARE, EXECUTE, OPTIONS,* etc. I'm sure I'm not giving the correct
parameter for this class, and I tried to debug method *parseLine*() to find
the usage but failed.

I tried to google out some documentation on it but little was found. Anyone
knows the usage of this class from Eclipse console? Thank you very much.

Source code of Client class:

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