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From Troy Collinsworth <>
Subject Re: Need company to support Cassandra on Windows
Date Wed, 28 Oct 2015 17:26:53 GMT
Jonathan Ellis slide showing windows support was at 1:02:18 minutes into
the Cassandra Summit Keynote. At 1:07:30 Jonathan specifically said, *“Windows
support…in 2.2 it is production ready first class citizen, we expect it to
be on a level playing field with our linux support”*.

I sent DataStax a copy of the keynote slide and the time it was shown and
the quote Jonathan made with the time in the keynote he made it. That's
when Datastax told me they don't currently support windows and probably
won't by January-March timeframe. This is an opportunity for another
company to step up and provide production Windows support.

So a co-founder and employee of Datastax stood on stage and
implied/stretched the truth about production Windows support for Cassandra.

How do you know a salesman is lying? His lips are moving.


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