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From Kai Wang <>
Subject how to grant permissions to OpsCenter keyspace?
Date Mon, 26 Oct 2015 21:25:27 GMT

My understanding is that if I want to enable internal authentication and
authorization on C* while still keeping OpsCenter working, I should grant
all to OpsCenter space and describe/select on everything else. But when I
try to grant permissions to or even switch into OpsCenter, cqlsh reports

cassandra@cqlsh> use OpsCenter;
InvalidRequest: code=2200 [Invalid query] message="Keyspace 'opscenter'
does not exist"

KS OpsCenter of course exists. I notice cqlsh returns keyspace name in
lower case but in system.schema_keyspaces it shows OpsCenter. C* supports
case sensitive keyspace names in DevCenter. But cqlsh converts everything
to lower case?

How can I grant permission to OpsCenter? Or a further question, how can I
do case sensitive operations in cqlsh?


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