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From "Marcelo Valle (BLOOMBERG/ LONDON)" <>
Subject Spark and intermediate results
Date Fri, 09 Oct 2015 13:09:27 GMT

I saw this nice link from an event:

I would like to test using Spark to perform some operations on a column family, my objective
is reading from CF A and writing the output of my M/R job to CF B. 

That said, I've read this from Spark's FAQ (

"Do I need Hadoop to run Spark?
No, but if you run on a cluster, you will need some form of shared file system (for example,
NFS mounted at the same path on each node). If you have this type of filesystem, you can just
deploy Spark in standalone mode."

The question I ask is - if I don't want to have a HDFS instalation just to run Spark on Cassandra,
is my only option to have this NFS mounted over network? 
It doesn't seem smart to me to have something as NFS to store Spark files, as it would probably
affect performance, and at the same time I wouldn't like to have an additional HDFS cluster
just to run jobs on Cassandra. 
Is there a way of using Cassandra itself as this "some form of shared file system"?


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