I had to write my own, but not due to lack of support.  I found I needed to preprocess the data before I put it into cassandra, you might find that beneficial. I only had 3 massive tables to worry about so it wasn't that much extra work to code it out - your case might be different if you have 50 tables, or if this needs to recur.

 If you don't need to preprocess the data, what you could probably do is export your data from MSSQL to CSV (built into sql mgmt studio)
 and use CQL to import the CSV - http://www.datastax.com/dev/blog/simple-data-importing-and-exporting-with-cassandra

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Kevin Burton <rkevinburton <at> charter.net> writes:

> I have seen numerous posts on transferring data from MySql to Cassandra
but have yet to find a good way to
> transfer directly from a Microsoft SQL Server table to a Cassandra CF.
Even better would be a method to take
> as input the output of an arbitrary SQL query. Ideas?


I realize this post is pretty old, but I was wondering if you found an
answer to this question and if you've used it.
I have to load data from SQL Server into Cassandra and I am completely new
to Cassandra and all of the posts I seem to be able to find are demos
about loading from MySQL into Cassandra.
Any, any help would be extremely appreciated!
Thank you very much!

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