This seems like an apt time to quote [1]:

> Remember that you get 1 point for making a backup and 10,000 points for restoring one.

Restoring from backups is my goal.

The commonly recommended tools (tablesnap, cassandra_snapshotter) all seem to leave the restore operation as a pretty complicated exercise for the operator.

Do any include a working way to restore, on a different host, all of node X's data from backups to the correct directories, such that the restored files are in the proper places and the node restart method [2] "just works"?

On Thu, Sep 17, 2015 at 6:47 PM, Robert Coli <> wrote:
tl;dr - tablesnap works. There are awkward aspects to its use, but if you are operating Cassandra in AWS it's probably the best off the shelf off-node backup.

Have folks here ever used tableslurp to restore a backup taken with tablesnap?
How would you rate the difficulty of restore?

From my limited testing, tableslurp looks like it can only restore a single table within a keyspace per execution.

I have hundreds of tables... so without automation around tableslurp, that doesn't seem like a reliable path toward a full restore.

Perhaps someone has written a tool that drives tableslurp so it "just works" ?