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From Otis Gospodnetić <>
Subject Re: High CPU usage on some of nodes
Date Sat, 12 Sep 2015 00:21:04 GMT
A quick and dirty way is to run jstack a few times and see if you can spot
some common methods where code is spending time.

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On Thu, Sep 10, 2015 at 1:05 AM, Roman Tkachenko <>

> Hey guys,
> We've been having issues in the past couple of days with CPU usage / load
> average suddenly skyrocketing on some nodes of the cluster, affecting
> performance significantly so majority of requests start timing out. It can
> go on for several hours, with CPU spiking through the roof then coming back
> down to norm and so on. Weirdly, it affects only a subset of nodes and it's
> always the same ones. The boxes Cassandra is running on are pretty beefy,
> 24 cores, and these CPU spikes go up to >1000%.
> What is the best way to debug such kind of issues and find out what
> Cassandra is doing during spikes like this? Doesn't seem to be compaction
> related as sometimes during these spikes "nodetool compactionstats" says no
> compactions are running.
> Thanks!

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