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From Jean-Francois Gosselin <>
Subject Incremental repair from the get go
Date Thu, 03 Sep 2015 20:25:37 GMT
On fresh install of Cassandra what's the best approach to start using
incremental repair from the get go (I'm using LCS) ?

Run nodetool repair -inc after inserting a few rows , or we still need to
follow the migration procedure with sstablerepairedset ?

>From the documentation "... If you use the leveled compaction strategy and
perform an incremental repair for the first time, Cassandra performs
size-tiering on all SSTables because the repair/unrepaired status is
unknown. This operation can take a long time. To save time, migrate to
incremental repair one node at a time. ..."

With almost no data size-tiering should be quick ?  Basically is there a
short cut to avoid the migration via sstablerepairedset  on a fresh install



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