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From Kay Johansen <>
Subject SELECT DISTINCT and rows with only static columns
Date Sat, 05 Sep 2015 00:30:56 GMT
I have a columnfamily with static columns and non-static columns. When I
have a row with values only in the static columns, select distinct will
return that row, whereas select will not.

For example:

cqlsh> select distinct id from members where id = 'zyto-8c0db';


(1 rows)

cqlsh> select id from members where  id = 'zyto-8c0db';

(0 rows)

Now that I know this I can plan for this, but I'm wondering why this is the
case so I can understand the underlying mechanism.

Using Cassandra

Thanks in advance for any insight,

Kay Johansen, Software Craftsman
Pluralsight | democratizing professional training
(801) 784-9007

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