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From Tzach Livyatan <>
Subject [Ann] Ansible base Cassandra stress framework for EC2
Date Thu, 03 Sep 2015 18:21:56 GMT
I'm please to share a framework for running Cassandra stress tests on EC2.

The framework is a collection of Ansible playbooks and scripts, allowing to:
- Create a Cassandra cluster (setting server type, version, etc)
- Launch any number of loaders
- Run cassandra-stress on all loaders and collect the results
- Add nodes to a running cluster
- Stop and starts nodes
- Clean old data from servers before each test
- Collect and display relevant metrics on a Collectd+Graphite+Tessera

Use cases I tested using this framework:
* Stress with multiple loaders
* Out Scale
server under stress)
* Testing Cassandra Repair

More info in README
the  and Wiki

Some of my future plans include adding YCSB, run on other providers and
Contributions and suggestions will be appreciated!


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