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From Phil Budne <>
Subject Re: Using DTCS, TTL but old SSTables not being removed
Date Sun, 13 Sep 2015 21:31:28 GMT
Jeff Jirsa wrote:
> 2.2.1 has a pretty significant bug in compaction:
> That prevents it from compacting files after 60 minutes. It may or
> may not be the cause of the problem you're seeing, but it seems like
> it may be possibly related, and you can try the workaround in that
> ticket to see if it helps.

Thanks! So far so good....

I've tweaked index_summary_resize_interval_in_minutes
from 60 to -1, and restarted and I'm continuing to see:

    ..... - Dropping expired SSTable ....

debug messages(*) after more than an hour after the restart.

I'll know better as time goes by....

(*) I've set the logging level for
org.apache.cassandra.db.compaction.DateTieredCompactionStrategy and
org.apache.cassandra.db.compaction.CompactionController to DEBUG

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