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From Bryan Cheng <>
Subject Incremental, Sequential repair?
Date Tue, 25 Aug 2015 21:44:28 GMT
Hey all,

Got a question about incremental repairs, a quick google search turned up
nothing conclusive.

In the docs, in a few places, sequential, incremental repairs are mentioned.


> You can combine repair options, such as parallel and incremental repair.


> Incremental repairs can be opted into via the -inc option to nodetool
repair. This is compatible with both sequential and parallel (-par) repair

However, when I try to run an incremental, sequential repair (nodetool
repair -inc), I get:

[2015-08-25 21:36:43,433] It is not possible to mix sequential repair and
incremental repairs.

Is this a limitation around a specific configuration? Or is it generally
true that incremental and sequential repairs are not compatible?

The cluster is a mixed 2.1.8/2.1.7, replication is NetworkTopology, with
LeveledCompaction (if it's relevant).

Thanks in advance!

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