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From horschi <>
Subject Re: auto_bootstrap=false broken?
Date Fri, 07 Aug 2015 12:44:06 GMT
Hi Jeff,

You’re trying to force your view onto an established ecosystem.
It is not my intent to force anyone to do anything. I apologize if my title
was too provocative. I just wanted to clickbait ;-)

It’s not “wrong only because its currently bootstrapping”, it’s not
> bootstrapping at all, you told it not to bootstrap.
Let me correct myself. It should be: "its wrong because it isn't
bootstrapped". But that does not change what I am proposing: It still
should not serve reads.

‘auto_bootstrap’ is the knob that tells cassandra whether or not you want
> to stream data from other replicas when you join the ring. Period. That’s
> all it does. If you set it to false, you’re telling cassandra it already
> has the data. The switch implies nothing else. There is no option to “join
> the ring but don’t serve reads until I tell you it’s ready”, and changing
> auto-bootstrap to be that is unlikely to ever happen.
I know that it does only that. But I would have made a different design
decision (to not serve reads in such a state).

> Don’t want to serve reads? Disable thrift and native proto, start the with
> auto-bootstrap set to whatever you want but thrift and native proto
> disabled, then enable thrift and native proto again to enable reads from
> clients when ready. Until then, make sure you’re using a consistency level
> appropriate for your requirements.
Of course it can be worked around. I just think its error prone to do that
manually. That is why I was proposing a change.

> You’re mis-using a knob that doesn’t do what you think it does, and is
> unlikely to ever be changed to do what you think it should.
I wanted to change the definition of what auto_bootstrap=false is. I dont
know if that makes it better or worse ;-)

I hope I did not consume too much of your time. Thanks for all the
responses. I will experiment a bit with write_survey and see if it already
does what I need.

kind regards,

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