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From sai krishnam raju potturi <>
Subject Fwd: Re : Restoring nodes in a new datacenter, from snapshots in an existing datacenter
Date Fri, 28 Aug 2015 18:12:00 GMT
     We have cassandra cluster with Vnodes spanning across 3 data centers.
We take backup of the snapshots from one datacenter.
   In a doomsday scenario, we want to restore a downed datacenter, with
snapshots from another datacenter. We have same number of nodes in each

1 : We know it requires copying the snapshots and their corresponding token
ranges to the nodes in new datacenter, and running nodetool refresh.

2 : The question is, we will now have 2 datacenters, with the same exact
token ranges. Will that cause any problem.

DC1 : Node-1 : token1......token10
      Node-2 : token11 .....token20
      Node-3 : token21 ..... token30
      Node-4 : token31 ..... token40

 DC2 : Node-1 : token1.....token10
       Node-2 : token11....token20
       Node-3 : token21....token30
       Node-4 : token31....token40


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