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From Vikram Kone <>
Subject How to run any application on Cassandra cluster in high availability mode
Date Sat, 15 Aug 2015 15:49:54 GMT
We are planning to install Azkaban in solo server mode on a 24
node cassandra cluster to be able to schedule spark jobs with intricate
dependency chain. The problem, is since Cassandra has a no-SPOF
architecture ie any node can become the master for the cluster, it creates
the problem for Azkaban master since it's not a peer-peer architecture
where any node can become the master. Only a single mode has to be master
at any given time.

What are our options here? Are there any framworks or tools out there that
would allow any application to run on a cluster of machines with high
Should I be looking at something like zookeeper for this ? Or Mesos may be?

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