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From algermissen1971 <>
Subject Re: Cassandra table as Queue
Date Thu, 20 Aug 2015 17:30:14 GMT
Hi Rado,

On 20 Aug 2015, at 15:05, Radoslav Smilyanov <> wrote:

> Hello,
> I need to have a table that is acting as a queue for specific data. Data that has to
be stored in this table are some unique ids that have to be predefined and whenever it is
requested one id has to be obtained by the "queue" and new one has to be added. This queue
table will have fixed size of 50 000 entries.
> I see that it is not recommended at all to use cassandra table for a queue, but I need
to find a design for my data that will not cause performance issues caused by tombstones.
> I am using cassandra 2.1.6 with java driver and I am afraid that at some point of time
I will start experiencing performance issues caused by many tombstones. 
> Current design of my table with one column is not good enough for querying the data since
now I am using:
> 1. "select * from <table> limit 1" which returns me first id in the table
> 2. "delete from <table> where id = <id_from step 1>"
> Did someone try to implement a queue with cassandra table that is working productively
now without any performance issues? I will appreciate some hints how can I achieve good performance
in cassandra for a queue table.

I came up with a design last year that I am using without problems with a java-driver -based
implementation in production since several months.

Two caveats:

- Our environment is not high-volume or high-frequency. Message counts per minute come in
dozens, at most. So the design is not tested in heavy scenarios. We merely needed something
based on the existing tech-stack.
- The Ruby version has a logical bug, mentioned in the README.

Given the tombstone problem I what I know by now, I'd rather not use a TTL on the messages
but remove outdated time shards completely after e.g. a week. But since reads never really
go to an outdated shard, the tombstones do not slow down the reads.

Hope that helps.


> Thanks,
> Rado

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