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From anton <>
Subject howto do sql query like in a relational database
Date Tue, 21 Jul 2015 16:53:31 GMT

I have a simple (perhaps stupid) question.

If I want to *search* data in cassandra,
how could find in a text field all records
which start with 'Cas' 
( in sql I do select * from table where field like 'Cas%')

I know that this is not directly possible.

 - But how is it possible?

 - Do nobody have the need to search text fragments,
   and if not is there a small example to explain
   *why* this is not needed?

As far as I understand, databases are great for *searching*
data. Concerning numerical data in cassandra I can use < > =
all that operators.

Is cassandra intended to be used for mostly numerical data?

I did not catch the point up to now, sorry.


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