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From John Wong <>
Subject questions about snapshots origin and removal
Date Fri, 17 Jul 2015 02:36:09 GMT
Hi all

Quick questions.

I was auditing disk usage of my cluster (cassandra 1.2.19). I found there
was a node with 27G worth of snapshots in OpsCenter data directory. I don't
remember doing any snapshots...

I do run nodetool repair -pr every night, so they might be created by the
repair process. But how come they are not removed? Most importantly, every
node has different snapshot taken.... most of the nodes have one or two
opscenter snapshots taken, but one node has a dozen total of 27G taken and
left bheind.

1. how can I identify how a snapshot was taken?
2. why does every node has different snapshot taken?
3. if snapshots are taken during repair, should they be deleted



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