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From Kunal Gangakhedkar <>
Subject Cassandra OOM on joining existing ring
Date Fri, 10 Jul 2015 07:59:20 GMT

I have a 2 node setup on Azure (east us region) running Ubuntu server
Both nodes have 8GB RAM.

One of the nodes (seed node) died with OOM - so, I am trying to add a
replacement node with same configuration.

The problem is this new node also keeps dying with OOM - I've restarted the
cassandra service like 8-10 times hoping that it would finish the
replication. But it didn't help.

The one node that is still up is happily chugging along.
All nodes have similar configuration - with libjna installed.

Cassandra is installed from datastax's debian repo - pkg: dsc21 version
I started off with the default configuration - i.e. the default - which calculates the heap size automatically (1/4 * RAM
= 2GB)

But, that didn't help. So, I then tried to increase the heap to 4GB
manually and restarted. It still keeps crashing.

Any clue as to why it's happening?


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