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From Jonathan Ballet <>
Subject Re: Deploying OpsCenter behind a HTTP(S) proxy
Date Thu, 25 Jun 2015 10:39:05 GMT
On 06/18/2015 11:13 AM, Jonathan Ballet wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm looking for information on how to correctly deploy an OpsCenter
> instance behind a HTTP(S) proxy.
> I have a running instance of OpsCenter 5.1 reachable at
> http://opscenter:8888/opscenter/ but I would like to be able to
> serve this kind of tool under a single hostname on HTTPS along with
> other tools of this kind, for easier convenience.
> I'm currently using Apache as my HTTP front-end and I tried this
> naive configuration:

For those interested, we are currently using this configuration which is 
really ad-hoc and probably not complete, although we didn't have any 
error yet:

     ProxyPass /opscenter/       http://opscenter:8888/opscenter/
     ProxyPass /tcp              http://opscenter:8888/tcp
     ProxyPass /rc               http://opscenter:8888/rc
     ProxyPass /meta             http://opscenter:8888/meta
     ProxyPass /cluster-configs  http://opscenter:8888/cluster-configs
     ProxyPass /CLUSTERNAME/     http://opscenter:8888/CLUSTERNAME/

(and the related ProxyPassReverse directives)

I'm still having a look once in a while to check if we missed some URLs, 
but I guess that's the best we found so far.

Hopefully this will get much simpler with an incoming release...



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