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From Jean Tremblay <>
Subject Missing data
Date Mon, 15 Jun 2015 08:54:01 GMT

I have reloaded the data in my cluster of 3 nodes RF: 2.
I have loaded about 2 billion rows in one table.
I use LeveledCompactionStrategy on my table.
I use version 2.1.6.
I use the default cassandra.yaml, only the ip address for seeds and throughput has been change.

I loaded my data with simple insert statements. This took a bit more than one day to load
the data… and one more day to compact the data on all nodes.
For me this is quite acceptable since I should not be doing this again.
I have done this with previous versions like 2.1.3 and others and I basically had absolutely
no problems.

Now I read the log files on the client side, there I see no warning and no errors.
On the nodes side there I see many WARNING, all related with tombstones, but there are no

My problem is that I see some *many missing records* in the DB, and I have never observed
this with previous versions.

1) Is this a know problem?
2) Do you have any idea how I could track down this problem?
3) What is the meaning of this WARNING (the only type of ERROR | WARN  I could find)?

WARN  [SharedPool-Worker-2] 2015-06-15 10:12:00,866 - Read 2990
live and 16016 tombstone cells in gttdata.alltrades_co_rep_pcode for key: D:07 (see tombstone_warn_threshold).
5000 columns were requested, slices=[388:201001-388:201412:!]

4) Is it possible to have Tombstone when we make no DELETE statements?

I’m lost…

Thanks for your help.
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