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From Nate McCall <>
Subject Re: Multiple cassandra instances per physical node
Date Sat, 23 May 2015 21:30:02 GMT
> So my question is: suppose I take a 12 disk JBOD and run 2 Cassandra nodes
> (each with 5 data disks, 1 commit log disk) and either give each its own
> container & IP or change the listen ports. Will this work? What are the
> risks? Will/should Cassandra support this better in the future?

Don't use vnodes if any operations need strong consistency (reading or
writing at quorum). Otherwise, at RF=3, if you loose a single node you will
only have one 1 replica left for some portion of the ring.

Nate McCall
Austin, TX

Co-Founder & Sr. Technical Consultant
Apache Cassandra Consulting

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