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From Ali Akhtar <>
Subject Data model suggestions
Date Thu, 23 Apr 2015 15:09:03 GMT
Hey all,

We are working on moving a mysql based application to Cassandra.

The workflow in mysql is this: We have two tables: active and archive .
Every hour, we pull in data from an external API. The records which are
active, are kept in 'active' table. Once a record is no longer active, its
deleted from 'active' and re-inserted into 'archive'

The purpose for that, is because most of the time, queries are only done
against the active records rather than archived. Therefore keeping the
active table small may help with faster queries, if it only has to search
200k records vs 3 million or more.

Is it advisable to keep the same data model in Cassandra? I'm concerned
about tombstone issues when records are deleted from active.


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