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From Or Sher <>
Subject Adding nodes to existing cluster
Date Mon, 20 Apr 2015 09:02:44 GMT
Hi all,
In the near future I'll need to add more than 10 nodes to a 2.0.9
cluster (using vnodes).
I read this documentation on datastax website:

In one point it says:
"If you are using racks, you can safely bootstrap two nodes at a time
when both nodes are on the same rack."

And in another is says:
"Start Cassandra on each new node. Allow two minutes between node
initializations. You can monitor the startup and data streaming
process using nodetool netstats."

We're not using racks configuration and from reading this
documentation I'm not really sure is it safe for us to bootstrap all
nodes together (with two minutes between each other).
I really hate the tought of doing it one by one, I assume it will take
more than 6H per node.

What do you say?
Or Sher

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