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From Anishek Agarwal <>
Subject Uderstanding Read after update
Date Fri, 10 Apr 2015 11:46:49 GMT

I am wondering how the actual read happens in Cassandra with Updates
happening to data over time such that its in multiple SST Tables.

As far as i can gather from the documentation,

SST Table level bloom filters have details as to what partition keys are in
that table. So to clear up my understanding, if I insert and then have a
update to the same row after some time (assuming both go to different SST

then during read cassandra will read data from both SST Tables and merge
them in order of time series with Data in Second SST table for the row
taking precedence over the First SST Table and return the result ? Does it
mark the old column as tombstone in the previous SST Table or wait for
compaction to remove the old data ?


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