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From Thunder Stumpges <>
Subject Keyspace Replication changes not synchronized after adding Datacenter
Date Mon, 13 Apr 2015 17:22:53 GMT
Hi guys,

We have recently added two datacenters to our existing 2.0.6 cluster. We
followed the process here pretty much exactly:

We are using GossipingPropertyFileSnitch and NetworkTopologyStrategy across
the board. All property files are identical in each of the three
datacenters, and we use two nodes from each DC in the seed list.

However when we came to step 7.a. we ran the ALTER KEYSPACE command on one
of the new datacenters (to add it as a replica). This change was reflected
on the new datacenter where it ran as returned by DESCRIBE KEYSPACE.
However the change was NOT propagated to either of the other two
datacenters. We effectively had to run the ALTER KEYSPACE command 3 times,
one in each datacenter. Is this expected? I could find no documentation
stating that this needed to be done, nor any documentation around how the
system keyspace was kept in sync across datacenters in general.

If this is indicative of a larger problem with our installation, how would
we go about troubleshooting it?

Thanks in advance!

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