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From graham sanderson <>
Subject DateTieredCompactionStrategy and static columns
Date Thu, 30 Apr 2015 18:19:25 GMT
I have a potential use case I haven’t had a chance to prototype yet, which would normally
be a good candidate for DTCS (i.e. data delivered in order and a fixed TTL), however with
every write we’d also be updating some static cells (namely a few key/values in a static
map<text.text> CQL column). There could also be explicit deletes of keys in the static
map, though that’s not 100% necessary.

Since those columns don’t have TTL, without reading thru the code code and/or trying it,
I have no idea what effect this has on DTCS (perhaps it needs to use separate sstables for
static columns). Has anyone tried this. If not I eventually will and will report back.
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