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From Amlan Roy <>
Subject Re: rpc_timeout error
Date Sat, 11 Apr 2015 21:19:42 GMT

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I am inserting nulls as some columns are unknown for some rows.
Will this issue get resolved if I start inserting empty strings instead of null? Can it be
because I have a very wide row which I am updating throghout the day (basically inserting
time series data)? This is the output of the “node tool cfstats” command for the table:

		SSTable count: 8
		Space used (live), bytes: 12813800373
		Space used (total), bytes: 12813800373
		Off heap memory used (total), bytes: 9268093
		SSTable Compression Ratio: 0.1664112140412863
		Number of keys (estimate): 1024
		Memtable cell count: 1143127
		Memtable data size, bytes: 248893920
		Memtable switch count: 551
		Local read count: 43
		Local read latency: 0.000 ms
		Local write count: 12211615
		Local write latency: 2.451 ms
		Pending tasks: 0
		Bloom filter false positives: 0
		Bloom filter false ratio: 0.00000
		Bloom filter space used, bytes: 6576
		Bloom filter off heap memory used, bytes: 6512
		Index summary off heap memory used, bytes: 357
		Compression metadata off heap memory used, bytes: 9261224
		Compacted partition minimum bytes: 4769
		Compacted partition maximum bytes: 2395318855
		Compacted partition mean bytes: 382807869
		Average live cells per slice (last five minutes): 9081.0
		Average tombstones per slice (last five minutes): 40169.0

On 12-Apr-2015, at 2:38 am, Jonathan Haddad <> wrote:

> Maybe you're inserting nulls?  If you're inserting nulls, those show up as tombstones.
> On Sat, Apr 11, 2015 at 1:32 PM Amlan Roy <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to query a table from cqlsh and I get the following error:
> Request did not complete within rpc_timeout.
> I found the following messages in system.log:
> system.log:ERROR [ReadStage:1493] 2015-04-12 00:46:39,754 (line
206) Scanned over 100000 tombstones in my_keyspace.my_event_data; query aborted (see tombstone_failure_threshold)
>  I  thought the tombstones are created only during delete. I am not doing any update/delete
on this table, just doing inserts. I have not set any TTL also. Not sure what is the issue
> Regards,
> Amlan

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