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From Steffen Winther <>
Subject Re: Does it makes sense to split Gossip from Thrift network
Date Thu, 05 Mar 2015 02:08:47 GMT
daemeon reiydelle <daemeonr <at>> writes:
>If your cluster is typical, your most critical resource is your
>network bandwidth,
>if this is the case, I would not do this split you are proposing.
>One issue with large MTU's is that they are often split
>at the switch fabric.
Got control of my switches, they allow max mtu

>Switches are not generally known for having processors that are idle,
>so this actually slows DOWN throughput to busy nodes.
again guess it depends on what packet sizes Gossip are

> I would also be concerned that in many cases the SAME
>nodes are supposed to be identifiable as
>the SAME Gossip and Thrift related node.
Okay nice to known

>When you set them up as different IP's I think you will will
>have additional issues.
Might be the cause for my troubles getting OpsCenter to work properly,
though I finally got it semi to work...
> What is the use case you are trying to solve with this configuration?
Better latency for client traffic by separating gossip off to its own network

>If Thrift is flooding your network port, then taking away bandwidth
>(assuming you are bonding?) seems contra productive.
>Unless you have not yet tried bonding?
I'm planing on bonding both networks in production
for redundancy, but currently not in test lab

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