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From Aleksey Yeschenko <>
Subject Re: What are the factors that affect the release time of each minor version?
Date Mon, 02 Mar 2015 20:02:47 GMT
Hi Phil,

Right now there is no explicit scheme for minor releases scheduling.

Eventually we just decide that it’s time for a new release - usually when the CHANGES list
feels too long - and start the process.

what are the duties to release a version?
Need to build and eventually publish all the artifacts - that process is semi-automated. Need
to run all the unit/distributed/long/duration tests on the tagged sha. Need to go through
the whole voting process. All in all about a week.

Coincidentally, we’ve been discussing our release policies recently, and minor version releases
have been discussed as well. It is likely that we’ll switch to scheduled minor releases
soon (every 2/3/4 weeks or when a major bug gets fixed - whatever comes first).


On February 28, 2015 at 2:49:25 AM, Phil Yang ( wrote:

Hi all  

As a user of Cassandra, sometimes there are some bugs in my cluster and I  
hope someone can fix them (Of course, if I can fix them myself I'll try to  
contribute my code :) ). For each bug, there is a JIRA ticket to tracking  
it and users can know if the bug is fixed.  

However, there is a lag between this bug being fixed and a new minor  
version being released. Although we can apply the patch of this ticket to  
our online version and build a special snapshot to solve the trouble in our  
clusters or we can use the latest code directly, I think many users still  
want to use an official release with higher reliability and indeed, more  
convenience. In addition, updating more frequently can also reduce the  
trouble causing by unknown bugs. So someone may often ask "When the new  
version with this patch will be released?"  

In my mind, not only the number of issues resolved in each version but also  
the time interval between two versions is not fixed. So may I know what the  
factors that affect the release time of each minor version?  

Furthermore, except a vote in dev@cassandra maillist that I can see, what  
are the duties to release a version? If it is not a heavy work, could we  
make each release more frequently? Or we may make a rule to decide if we  
need release a new version? For example: "If the latest version was  
released two weeks ago, or after the latest version we have already  
resolved 20 issues, we should release a new minor version".  

Phil Yang  

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