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From Akash Pandey <>
Subject Node data sync/recovery process
Date Thu, 12 Mar 2015 19:34:29 GMT

I had a doubt regarding C* node recovery process.

Assumption :  A two data center C* cluster with RF=3 and CL=LOCAL_QUORUM

Suppose a node went down for a period within hinted_handoff time. Once the
node comes up automatic data syncing would start for that node. This
recovery may take some time.
So my doubt is, during this period, if a read for a key stored on
recovering node comes, will the coordinator node ask for data from
recovering nodes which might possibly have stale data?

If yes, then, how does a C* client handle the situation when majority of
nodes for a key in one data center are recovering and it can end up getting
stale data?

Help much appreciated.


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