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From Serega Sheypak <>
Subject Multinode Cassandra and sstableloader
Date Tue, 31 Mar 2015 11:21:40 GMT
 Hi, I have a simple question and can't find related info in docs.

I have cluster1 with 3 nodes and cluster2 with 5 nodes. I want to transfer
whole keyspace named 'mykeyspace' data from cluster1 to cluster2 using
sstableloader. I understand that it's not the best solution, I need it for
testing purposes.

What I'm going to do:

   1. Recreate keyspace schema on cluster2 using schema from cluster1
   2. nodetool flush for mykeyspace.source_table being exported from
   cluster1 to cluster2

   Run sstableloader for each table on cluster1.node01

   sstableloader -d

What should I get as a result on cluster2?

*ALL* data from source_table?


Just data stored in *partition of source_table*

I'm confused. Doc says I just run this command to export table from
cluster1 to cluster2, but I specify path to a part of source_table data,
since other parts of table should be on other nodes.

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