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From Artur Siekielski <>
Subject Re: High latencies for simple queries
Date Fri, 27 Mar 2015 19:54:35 GMT
Yes, I'm concerned about the latency. Throughput can be high even when 
using Python: 
But in my scenarios I need to run queries sequentially, so latencies 
matter. And Cassandra requires issuing more queries than SQL databases 
so these latencies can add up to a significant amount.

I was running Asyncore event loop, because it looks like libev isn't 
supported for PyPy which I'm using. I've switched to CPython and 
LibevConnection for a moment and I don't think I've noticed a major 
speedup, and a minimum latency is still 1ms.

Overall, it looks to me that the issue is not that important, because 
using multi-master, multi-dc databases always involve getting higher and 
somewhat unpredictable latencies, so relying on sub-millisecond 
latencies on production clusters is not very realistic.

On 03/27/2015 04:28 PM, Tyler Hobbs wrote:
> Just to check, are you concerned about minimizing that latency or
> maximizing throughput?
> I'll that latency is what you're actually concerned about.  A fair
> amount of that latency is probably happening in the python driver.
> Although it can easily execute ~8k operations per second (using
> cpython), in some scenarios it can be difficult to guarantee sub-ms
> latency for an individual query due to how some of the internals work.
> In particular, it uses python's Conditions for cross-thread signalling
> (from the event loop thread to the application thread).  Unfortunately,
> python's Condition implementation includes a loop with a minimum sleep
> of 1ms if the Condition isn't already set when you start the wait()
> call.  This is why, with a single application thread, you will typically
> see a minimum of 1ms latency.
> Another source of similar latencies for the python driver is the
> Asyncore event loop, which is used when libev isn't available.  I would
> make sure that you can use the LibevConnection class with the driver to
> avoid this.
> On Fri, Mar 27, 2015 at 6:24 AM, Artur Siekielski <
> <>> wrote:
>     I'm running Cassandra locally and I see that the execution time for
>     the simplest queries is 1-2 milliseconds. By a simple query I mean
>     either INSERT or SELECT from a small table with short keys.
>     While this number is not high, it's about 10-20 times slower than
>     Postgresql (even if INSERTs are wrapped in transactions). I know
>     that the nature of Cassandra compared to Postgresql is different,
>     but for some scenarios this difference can matter.
>     The question is: is it normal for Cassandra to have a minimum
>     latency of 1 millisecond?
>     I'm using Cassandra 2.1.2, python-driver.

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