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From Jan <>
Subject Re: Best way to alert/monitor "nodetool status” down.
Date Mon, 09 Mar 2015 21:39:22 GMT
You could set up an Alert  for Node down within OpsCenter. OpsCenter also offers you the
option to send an email to a paging system with reminders. 


     On Sunday, March 8, 2015 6:10 AM, Vasileios Vlachos <>

  We use Nagios for monitoring, and we call the following through NRPE:
 # Just for reference:
 # Nodetool's output represents "Status" ans "State" in this order.
 # Status values: U (up), D (down)
 # State values: N (normal), L (leaving), J (joining), M (moving)
 NODETOOL=$(which nodetool);
 NODES_DOWN=$(${NODETOOL} --host localhost status | grep --count -E '^D[A-Z]');
 if [[ ${NODES_DOWN} -gt 0 ]]; then
     output="CRITICAL - Nodes down: ${NODES_DOWN}";
 elif [[ ${NODES_DOWN} -eq 0 ]]; then
     output="OK - Nodes down: ${NODES_DOWN}";
     output="UNKNOWN - Couldn't retrieve cluster information.";
 echo "${output}";
 exit "${return_code}";
 I've not used zabbix so I'm not sure the exit codes etc are the same for you. Also, you may
need to modify the REGEX slightly depending on the Cassandra version you are using. There
must be a way to get this via the JMX console as well, which might be easier for you to monitor.
 On 07/03/15 00:37, Kevin Burton wrote:
 What’s the best way to monitor nodetool status being down? IE if a specific server things
a node is down (DN). 
  Does this just use JMX?  IS there an API we can call? 
  We want to tie it into our zabbix server so we can detect if here is failure. 
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Vasileios Vlachos

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