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From Jan <>
Subject Re: Cassandra Read Timeout
Date Fri, 20 Mar 2015 05:52:25 GMT
Quote :Raw size is aroung 190MB.There are bigger raws with similar structure ( its index raws
, which actually stores keys ) and everything is working fine on them, everything is working
also fine on this cf but on other raw.
Tables data from CFStats ( First table has bigger raws but works fine , where second has timeout
) :
You asked: There are bigger raws with similar structure Question:  Do you mean bigger rows
 ?      What is the structure of the statuspindexes Keyspace & which table are you
querying within it ?
you asked:  its index raws , which actually stores keysQuestion:  do you mean Index rows ?
    how are you creating Indexes  , what type of Indexes ?  
you asked: Tables data from CFStats,  where second has timeout Question:  What is the time
out value set at  & whats different about both these tables ?     What are you querying
from the second table ? 

Unfortunately,  I have more questions that answers;  however  despite the sacrilege of
using super-columns (lol), there has got to be a logical answer to the Performance problem
you are having.       Hopefully we could dig in and find an answer . 



     On Tuesday, February 24, 2015 12:00 PM, Robert Coli <> wrote:

 On Tue, Feb 24, 2015 at 8:50 AM, Yulian Oifa <> wrote:

The structure is the same , the CFs are super column CFs , where key is long  ( timestamp
to partition the index , so each 11 days new row is created ) , super Column is int32 and
columns / values are timeuuids.I am running same queries , getting reversed slice by raw key
and super column.

Obligatory notice that Super Columns are not really recommended for use. I have no idea if
the performance problem you are seeing is related to the use of Super Columns.

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