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From anton <>
Subject Question about use scenario with fulltext search
Date Sun, 01 Feb 2015 16:05:51 GMT

I was just reading about cassandra and playing a little
with it (using django on the web server).

One thing that I realized now is that fulltext search
as in a normal sql statement (example):

  select name from users where name like 'Jo%';

Simply does not work because this functionality does not exist.
After reading and googeling and reading ...
I still do not understand how I could use a db without this
functionality (If I do not want to restrict myself on numerical data).

So my question is:

If you have a list of usernames stored in your cassandra database,
how could you find all usernames starting with 'Jo'?

Or ... if this is not possible,
what are you using cassandra for?

Actually I still did not get the point of how I could use cassandra :-(


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