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From Benyi Wang <>
Subject Delete columns
Date Fri, 27 Feb 2015 17:37:58 GMT
In C* 2.1.2, is there a way you can delete without specifying the row key?

create table (
  guid text,
  key1 text,
  key2 text,
  data int
  primary key (guid, key1, key2)

delete from a_table where key1='<kv1>' and key2='<kv2>';

I'm trying to avoid doing like this:
* query the table to get guids (32 bytes long)
* send back delete queries like this

delete from a_table where guid in (...) and key1='<kv1>' and kye2='<kv2>'.

key1 and key2 only have 3~4 values, if I try to create multiple tables like
table_kvi_kvj, it will be easy to delete, but results in the large dataset
because of the duplicated guids.

Because the CQL model will create a cassandra column family like

guid, kv1-kv2, .., kvi-kvj, ..., kvn-kvm, ...

Is there an API can drop columns in a column familty?

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