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From reader 1001 <>
Subject select from table with list collection
Date Sun, 15 Feb 2015 21:35:30 GMT
I have a simple table with an indexed list<text> field, but it shows
unexpected behavior when I query the list. Am i doing something incorrect?

create table test (whole text PRIMARY KEY, parts list<text>);
create index on test (parts);
insert into test (whole,parts) values('a', ['a']);
insert into test (whole,parts) values('b', ['b']);
insert into test (whole,parts) values('c', ['c']);
insert into test (whole,parts) values('a.a', ['a','a']);
insert into test (whole,parts) values('a.b', ['a','b']);
insert into test (whole,parts) values('a.c', ['a','c']);
insert into test (whole,parts) values('b.a', ['b','a']);
insert into test (whole,parts) values('b.b', ['b','b']);
insert into test (whole,parts) values('b.c', ['b','c']);
insert into test (whole,parts) values('c.c', ['c','c']);
insert into test (whole,parts) values('c.b', ['c','b']);
insert into test (whole,parts) values('c.a', ['c','a']);

This is expected behavior:
select * from test where parts contains 'a' ALLOW FILTERING;

 whole | parts
     a |      ['a']
   b.a | ['b', 'a']
   a.c | ['a', 'c']
   a.b | ['a', 'b']
   a.a | ['a', 'a']
   c.a | ['c', 'a']

>From the following query I expect a subset of the previous query result,
but it returns no data
select * from test where parts contains 'a' and parts contains 'b' ALLOW

 whole | parts

Thank you.

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