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From "Marcelo Valle (BLOOMBERG/ LONDON)" <>
Subject Re:designing table
Date Fri, 20 Feb 2015 10:14:29 GMT
My cents:
You could partition your data per date and second query would be easy. 
If you need to query ALL data for a client id, it would be hard though, but querying last
10 days for a client id could be easy, for instance. 
If you need to query ALL, it would probably be better to create another CF and write on both,
google for Cassandra materialized view in this case.

Subject: Re:designing table

I am trying to design a table in Cassandra in which I will have multiple JSON String for a
particular client id.

 abc123             -       jsonA
  abc123             -       jsonB
  abcd12345       -       jsonC
My query pattern is going to be - 

Give me all JSON String for a particular client id.
Give me all the client id's and json strings for a particular date.

What is the best way to design table for this?

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